Saturday, February 23, 2008


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Please go through the said links & full information has been given. Naresh Kadyan, Chairman - PFA HARYANA lodged a Police complaints with the Amber Police station, Jaipur during the shooting of the film & then moved to the High Court at Jaipur regarding Elephants & this case is under consideration with the Hon'ble court, on 19-2-2008 PETA also allowed to be a party in this case PIL. On 13-2-2008 Naresh Kadyan took the matter with Mumbai Police Commissioner & lodged complaints over there, on 14-2-08 complaints with the Faridabad Police & then on 22-2-08 complaints with the Ambala Police.
Naresh Kadyan PFA HARYANA International PFA International SPCA Objections :-
In Jodha Akbar Elephants, Camels, Horses, Pigeon's etc are ill treated during the shooting of the films & the wings of the Pigeons were cut / tied, All animals / birds used in the films are not registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India - reply of AWBI here Animals / birds died during the shooting but no record of their death & reasons. No transit permit / No permission of AWBI as per section 96-97 of the animal transport rule 38-H violation of the WP Act, 1972 - all links are
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